Villa Napalai Surin - Living and dining area

Dining Villa Napalai

Villa Napalai Surin - Outdoor dining setting

Villa Napalai is fitted with an ultra-modern kitchen and an excellent range of equipment for all of your cooking needs. Enjoy a variety of delicious Thai dishes prepared by the skilled chef, who may also cook a select range of western dishes such as pasta and sandwiches by arrangement. Special dietary requirements and children’s meals can be discussed with the chef. Guests are encouraged to meet with the Villa Manager and chef soon after their arrival to plan meals and discuss their preferences and any special dietary requests. The chef ideally needs a day’s notice to buy groceries and prepare meals. All provisions will be purchased by the chef and charged to guests at cost plus 20% service charge. Receipts will be provided either daily or at the end of the stay as preferred. It is also requested that the chef be given a float to cover the grocery shopping.

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